Cradle Of Filth

Posted by Stavros Amanatidis on Friday, October 13, 2006

I was thinking to post something about Cradle Of Filth when I read that unclejack was writing something about nice girls in death metal's video clips... But I didn't because I didn't find it that important..

BUT, after the previous post, I can not stay with my hands crossed(σταυρομένα χέρια:D).
So, any and every time I hear Bathory, the first think that come into my mind, is Bathory Aria from Cradle of Filth.. I love them.. If you don't like this kind of metal, just try to listen to the music beyond the screams.. This band has great music.. I love the way they change rythm and melody.. Cradle Of Filth for ever :)

Cradle Of Filth at Wikipedia..

Download Bathory Aria from here!


Comment by Nikos on 13 October, 2006 02:43

Bathory Aria = Έπος...όταν γνώρισα τον Σταύρο (6 χρόνια πριν) ήμουν στο αυτοκίνητό του, έπαιζε το Gothic Romance από cof και αυτός φώναζε:ουιου!

Comment by Stavros on 13 October, 2006 02:58

kai gia na valoume ta pragmata sthn 8esh tous, o nikos htan autos pou mou protine na akousw kai alla kommatia twn cof(kai mou ta edwse) kai apo tote einai trelos fan tou group..

Comment by Stavros on 13 October, 2006 03:06

plaka plaka, twra evala na 3anakousw to Gothic Romance..
loipon, den 8elw na monopwlhsw ta posts, gia auto to grafw mono edw..
to Gothic Romance gamaei!!!
akouste to kai prospa8hste an den sas aresoun ta ourliaxta na ta "apomonwsete" kai na afe8eite sthn melwdia.. a3izei.. trust me..

katevaste apo edw!!

Comment by rockordie on 13 October, 2006 10:36

Όπα...περίμενε λίγο...θες να πεις ότι όταν γνωριστήκατε εσύ ήσουν ΗΔΗ μέσα στο αυτοκίνητο του Σταύρου και ακούγατε Gothic Romance και έκανε και "ουίου".

Περίεργα πράγματα, πολύ περίεργα.

Comment by Stavros on 13 October, 2006 13:00

mhn paei to mualo sou sto ponhro :)

Comment by Nikos on 13 October, 2006 13:10

RoD you pervert!!!
...όποιος ξέρει το Σταύρο ξέρει και για το astra και για το ουιου!

Comment by unclejack on 13 October, 2006 15:46

yesss, i was refering on nice tities and cunts