Iced Earth - Alive in Athens (The Dvd)

Posted by uncle on Sunday, October 01, 2006

Seven years after the release of “Alive In Athens” (originally released as a triple-CD and 5 picture-vinyl), Century Media Records unveils footage of this legendary ICED EARTH shows from 1999 (January 23rd and January 24th, 1999, at the Rodon Club in Athens, Greece). A Holocaust of over 2-½ hours of the best Metal ever recorded live.
DVD tracklist:
2.Burning Times
3.Vengeance is Mine
4.Dark Saga
5.Last Laugh
6.Cast in Stone
7.Last December
8.Pure Evil
9.Desert Rain
10.Dante's Inferno
11.The Hunter
12.Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
13.Angels Holocaust
15.The Path I Choose
16.Watching Over Me
18.Blessed Are You
19.When the Night Falls
20.My Own Savior
21.Travel in Stygian
23.Stand Alone
25.Disciples of the Lie
26.I Died For You
28.Birth of the Wicked
29.The Coming Curse
31.Iced Earth Backstage
32.Jon Schaffer in Athens
Total running time: approx. 171 min
European Release: Oct. 27th

Jon Schaffer has other words to say though, on this Century Media release.

"I've been asked recently about the release of the 'Alive in Athens' DVD and I want my position on this to be very clear to all of the Iced Earth fans out there. In my opinion, this is purely a money grab on behalf of Century Media Records. The reason that it was never released before is because the footage is substandard. This was only a three-camera shoot that was done for a German music television channel called Viva. About a year ago, Century Media contacted me and asked if I'd like to be involved in doing this. I said that I did not think it was a good idea based on my memory of the footage, but to go ahead and send me some of the camera angles on DVD so I could think about it. After viewing the footage I felt that it would be extremely difficult to make a release that would live up to the standards that we have set for Iced Earth over the years. So I turned the project down.Several weeks ago, I learned that they were determined to release this DVD anyway. When I found this out I asked to see the edit and they obliged. After viewing it and seeing how weak it is I asked if they would be willing to fly me over and rework some of the edits. The answer was no, they did not think it could be done better. That translates into, 'We don't want to spend the money to make it the best it can be.'So here's the deal: I want you all to be aware of what it is that they are releasing. This is a very low-budget, badly edited video of an amazing concert and an awesome period in the history of Iced Earth. They promised me that they are going to keep the price down and that they are not going to market it as something it's not. But I feel it's my responsibility to let you know the reality of the situation."

So metalheads, rip off or not, the comments are yours.


Comment by rockordie on 01 October, 2006 23:29

Money talks and buulshit walks...

Comment by rockordie on 01 October, 2006 23:30

Ούτε το "bullshit" δεν μπορώ να γράψω σωστά.

Comment by samanat on 02 October, 2006 04:06

I didn't expect that they would ever say no! But, since he says that they didn't want to spend more money, I can easily imagine that he asked for a lot of money..
I hope I am wrong, cause if I am right, then I blame him for the result of the dvd..
He could do it for free. It's marketing for his own band after all. and I guess that if he had said that he would do it for free, they wouldn't have said no.. I think.. I might be wrong :)

Comment by unclejack on 02 October, 2006 09:52

Jon Schaffer announced also a full range dvd, that will be shot during the next world tour, with !! 16 !! cameras.

Also the Live in Athens Dvd will cost 21.99 through cennturymedia online shop.