The Holy Gospel Of NWOHMB - Friday

Posted by uncle on Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Gospel of NWOHMB Book of Jokes 5:33-35

"Once upon the Cross" in the Jew occupied Palestine, a poor bastard, son of a carpenter, had to die, nailed to the cross, to bring to life the greatest of all jokes the man had ever seen on earth.

Holy Gospel of NWOHMB
The Great Sanhedrin Chronicles Chapter 66:6

"When you die is when the lie will be believed, Upon the cross, before the world to see"

Deicide - Once Upon the Cross


Comment by toolman on 06 April, 2007 00:04

god why have you forsaken me?

Comment by originaltaxoparei on 06 April, 2007 00:30

best post ever αν και νομίζω οτι όλη η εβδομάδα έπρεπε να είναι αφιερωμένη στο θεοσεβούμενο αυτό συγκρότημα και να έπαιζαν και άλλοι απο τους πολλούς εκκλησιαστικούς ύμνους που έχουν με τόση αγάπη δώσει στο ποίμνειο Του όπως το "kill the christians" ή το "fuck your god" ή ίσως το "Crucifixation" ή ακόμα το "Bastard Of Christ". Ευελπιστώ οτι ίσως κάτι τέτοιο γίνει του χρόνου.
Ο κύριος μεθ' υμών.

Comment by rockordie on 06 April, 2007 18:13

Actually he was NOT the son of a carpenter. He was the son of a woman who married a carpenter.
Jose was NOT the father.

(does that mean that the Holy Gospel of NWOHMB has mistakes or does the word "bastard" cover up the error)

Comment by unclejack on 07 April, 2007 02:12

That is also mentioned in the Gospel of NWOHMB, book of the Dethroned God5:4

"....and Josef screams in anger when he discovers her being pregnant
How could it happen? I don't know how to fuck!
It's a gift from the false god, it must be."