The Holy Gospel Of NWOHMB – Sabbath

Posted by rockordie on Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Holy Gospel of NWOHMB, book of Laziness 9:22-28
“The Lazy Lord says, ‘You, must make sure to obey me. You must not bring any loads through the gates of this city on the Sabbath day. You must set the Sabbath day apart TO ME. Just bow to me faithfully - Bow to me splendidly.’”

Morbid Angel - God Of Emptiness


Comment by unclejack on 07 April, 2007 02:08

Holy Book of Ceremonies
chapter Sabbath.

"The eternal Jew has done the will of the true God, the bastard is dead, now its time to rest, its Sabbath after all"

Comment by toolman on 07 April, 2007 11:59

πωωωωωωωωωωω!!!!!!!! το καλύτερο ποστ! ειλικρινά το πιο βλάσφημο και ανίερο κομμάτι που έχω ακούσει!

Comment by rockordie on 07 April, 2007 13:25

Τώρα συγκινήθηκα toolman αλλά δεν μπορώ να κλάψω γιατί είναι Σάββατο και απαγορεύεται.

Comment by toolman on 07 April, 2007 14:26